Trimaco offers a comprehensive selection of surface, jobsite and personal protection products. These include a wide variety of surface and floor protectors, dropcloths, Easy Mask® Masking Products, wipers, protective wear and more. A recent addition to the line-up is the EviroSolutions EnviroWash system, a cleaner, greener way to dispose of paint wash-up.

For more than a century, we have talked to professionals to discover what they need - from masking film to flooring paper. And no matter the category, our products are the standard for quality engineering and ease of use.

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FloorShell™: construction board with liquid repellent technology

Aqua Shield™: Surface protection that’s fire retardant, leak-proof, slip resistant and durable

Adhesive films: a full range for carpet, hard surfaces, countertops, HVAC and windows

Easy Mask® Masking Products: a full range including maskers, film, paper and tape

Protective wear: from Tyvek® coveralls to shoe guards and sock hoods

Trimaco products stand up to the toughest jobs, saving you time and money.