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San Juan Pools

San Juan Pools has been manufacturing the finest fiberglass swimming pool since 1958 and remains the leader in the fiberglass pool industry.

Some of San Juan Fiberglass Pools benefits:

*Inspired colors and over 90 designs/models
*25 Year non-prorated Warranty; 10 Year “Color”
*Worldwide Internet LEAD Generation
*Exclusive Industry Buying Group
*10 Day Shipping

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San Juan Pools

 •  August 24, 2015

✅ new free form San Juan Fiberglass Pool “Costa Azul” is 15’x32’x5’7″ and features an extra large lounging area in the shallow end. Another example of how San Juan Pools creates the best fiberglass pool designs in the world! Building the Best of the Best Quality Fiberglass Pools Since 1958.

San Juan Pools

 •  May 7, 2015

by sanjuanfiberglasspools San Juan Pools newest model called the Great Lakes. 16’x37’x6’4″ deep one piece in ground fiberglass swimming pool. A large tanning shelf and seating in the shallow end make this pool a great party starter. At over six feet deep, this pool is perfect for family fun. The deep end seating finishes off the perfect pool. ...

San Juan Pools

 •  February 23, 2015

San Juan Fiberglass Pools the key to Quality and Strength
Fiberglass Pools are not all the same. The big difference in fiberglass pools is how the pool is actually
constructed. Each San Juan Fiberglass Pool is made with a minimum of 5 hand laid layers of fiberglass.
What does this actually mean for the fiberglass pool ?
A stronger fiberglass ...

San Juan Pools

 •  February 3, 2015

by sanjuanfiberglasspools
The Santa Fe fiberglass spa from San Juan Fiberglass Pools give you an easy way to add a full function spa to your existing pool with very little modification needed. All you need to do is cut out the deck for the footwell area and your ready to go.

San Juan Pools

 •  December 11, 2014

We are re-blogging this post from Able Pools & Spas, Wilmington NC Why We Look For Brown M&Ms In Your Fiberglass Pool When you choose someone to build your swimming pool, what are the things you should look for in a builder? Perhaps one important question would be, “are you looking for the Brown M&Ms?” Here is the story – I first read about the ...

San Juan Pools

 •  November 30, 2014

What does this actually mean for the fiberglass pool ? A stronger fiberglass pool. Using hand laid fiberglass, you get a consistent level of thickness throughout the fiberglass pool shell. Of course this means it is more expensive to produce, but the benefit of this outweighs the cost. Mostly all of the other companies that produce fiberglass ...

San Juan Pools

 •  November 20, 2014

If you live anywhere from South Florida to Central Florida to Canada check into fiberglass. San Juan has their main facility in Lakeland and they are one of the oldest fiberglass pool manufacturers (in business over 50 years). Fiberglass is non reactive so it makes water balancing much easier than in plaster (marcite or quartz) surface pools. The ...

San Juan Pools

 •  November 14, 2014

Twenty Five Year Warranty San Juan Fiberglass Pools has been in business since 1958, that is over 55 years of fiberglass construction know-how! With a San Juan fiberglass pool you will have the highest quality and lowest maintenance pool available anywhere. Every San Juan Pool comes with a 25-year warranty against structural defects. That gives ...

San Juan Pools

 •  November 9, 2014

Hobbs Pools Owner Dave HOBBS attends 2014 San Juan Dealer Conference as a group mentor sharing his experience in the pool industry with his peers. Thank you San Juan for your generous hospitality and a phenomenal program platform.

San Juan Pools

 •  November 4, 2014

2014 San Juan Fiberglass Pools dealer conference. Great to see everybody and I can’t wait to see an exciting end of 2014 as we all sprint to the finish line! You really are the Best of the Best!