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Widely recommended by healthcare specialists and the plumbing trade industry in North America the JON-E-VAC® Toilet Ventilating System products are hygienic, antimicrobial and comfortable. Our toilet ventilating systems remove odor and bacteria directly from the toilet bowl. Both a JON-E-VAC® toilet seat plus one of our ventilating systems are required for operation. JON-E-VAC® has ventilating systems for new construction and/or remodelling. Seats are available in all styles and fit any standard toilet. All JON-E-VAC® toilet ventilating products promise a better sanitary bathroom experience for everyone.

  • The JON-E-VAC® Toilet Ventilation System removes Bacteria and Odor directly from the toilet bowl.
  • The JON-E-VAC® Toilet Ventilation System is cost effective - Saves energy due to reduced use of ceiling or wall fans.
  • The JON-E-VAC® Toilet Ventilation System has been tested by an independent laboratory and traps and kills the Bacteria that is removed from the toilet bowl.
  • Seats and Filter Fan Housing Units contain antimicrobial agent
  • Filter Fan Housing Units are fire rated


 •  November 19, 2014

As the holidays quickly approach, we here at JON-E-VAC® would like to suggest a creative Christmas gift, perfect for those who seem to have everything: a high quality toilet ventilating system. For most people, the very fact that it is possible to remove persistent bathroom odors is a pleasant surprise, to say nothing of the happy shock of ...


 •  November 10, 2014

We've all been there before: a lovely family dinner, roast turkey or suitable vegetarian equivalent laid out, aromatic and welcoming. The in-laws are curiously contented, and everyone's having a great holiday… until someone goes to the bathroom, and comes back with a certain look on their face. They don't say anything, but you know the truth: ...


 •  November 4, 2014

We all know how flu season works: you sit at home in the winter, your kids bring something back from school, and soon everyone in the house has watery eyes and a stuffy nose. Sometimes, though, the illness isn't from school or work: sometimes it comes from your own house. Specifically, the bathroom of your average home is a breeding ground for ...


 •  September 22, 2014

With all the hard work that goes into running a successful business, it can be easy to forget about your office restroom. However, as anyone who's been in a store with a dirty restroom can attest, commercial restroom sanitation and smell makes an important first impression on every customer who uses your facilities. Worse, a perpetually smelly ...


 •  September 17, 2014

A study from New York Medical University recently confirmed the worst fear of many a common consumer–that the average office or otherwise public bathroom, far from being more sanitary than the one at home, was likely to contain gastrointestinal viruses, dermatophytic fungi (Athlete's Foot, for the non-mycologists among us), and even dangerous ...


 •  August 11, 2014

Everyone knows the stigma of being a business or organization with a dirty or smelly public restroom. Customers develop a bad opinion of your practice, judging it for the lack of care for their comfort you seem to display. For some businesses, such as convenience stores and other roadside areas, this perception can even cripple your profits and ...


 •  June 11, 2014

Affordable solutions to the problem of bathroom odors and bacteria can be hard to find. The average toilet ventilation system comes with a hefty price tag and uses a great deal of power, while electric fans only exacerbate the issue by circulating air saturated with bacteria and unpleasant smells. Meanwhile, keeping an open window in the bathroom ...


 •  May 26, 2014

Clostridium difficile infection, better known as C-Def or C. Difficile, is one of the most dangerous types of Colon-based bacterial infection. The disease, characterized by an inflamed colon and chronic diarrhea, has come to affect a growing number of people in the last few years, including young people not traditionally at risk of contracting C ...


 •  May 19, 2014

As all good interior designers know, bathrooms are some of the most difficult part of any housing design. No one wants to use a musty, foul-smelling bathroom, but that's an unfortunately common reality in many homes. In such a case, the importance of a toilet ventilation system in bathroom plans cannot be overstated. With a proper ventilation ...


 •  May 12, 2014

When it comes to building and selling new structures, the little touches matter. Customers, whether looking for a prospective home or place of business, care about the quality and design of their potential bathrooms: contracts have been made or broken on the look and features of bathrooms. Those that seem dirty or unhygienic can turn customers ...