SimTek Fence

SimTek Fence

SimTek Decorative Rock Walls offer aesthetic beauty, privacy and noise reduction for residential, commercial and institutional landscapes, providing the tasteful appeal and high-end appearance of stone walls at an affordable price.

Made of proprietary polyethylene plastic and reinforced with galvanized steel, SimTek walls are resistant to organic processes, ultraviolet light and almost all chemicals, and are unaffected by termites and other insects. They are also highly resistant to impact - baseballs, golf balls, rocks and similar items will simply bounce off.

SimTek walls will not warp, fade or crack, and never need painting or staining. They withstand temperatures from -40 degrees F to +140 degrees F, and are unaffected by water, salt spray and algae. Not only do they perform well in bright sunlight and heavy moisture, they also can withstand constant hurricane force winds up to 110 mph and gusts to 130 mph.

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