Sun Freedom America


Sun Freedom America is one of the oldest solar water heater manufacturers in the world.  We have been manufacturing solar water heaters for the past 56 years in Rehovot, Israel and shipping them worldwide with millions of installations.  Sun Freedom American solar water heaters meet all the requirements of the IPC and UPC plumbing codes as well as IBC and UBC building codes.  Our solar water heaters are SRCC OG-100 and OG-300 certified which qualifies every Sun Freedom America solar water heater to meet all the requirements for any national, state, or city incentives given for the installation of solar equipment.  A Sun Freedom America solar water heater can reduce your annual electricity usage by as much as 20% or more.  Our water heater and collector warranties are the best in the marketplace while at the same time our solar water heaters are the most efficient hot water producers around.  If there is sun, there is Free Hot Water being made with your Sun Freedom America water heater.  Please come by the booth and see for yourself why a Sun Freedom America solar water heater makes perfect sense now and for the future.