Blow-In-Blanket systems


BIBS® is a proprietary, high-performance insulation system incorporating fiberglass being blown into any type of closed framing member cavity, wood or metal, behind a proprietary fabric, forming a seamless blanket of insulation.

BIBS completely fills around all objects inside a cavity including wires, pipes and other obstructions, virtually eleminating costly voids and air gaps.

BIBS benefits include higher R-values, reduced air infiltration, excellent sound control, non-settling, safe (non-flamable, no chemicals, doesn't support mold, bacteria or mildew), using sustainable products.

BIBS HP is our hybrid system incorporating closed cell foam installed in the back of the cavity and BIBS filling the remaining part of the cavity. The best of both products combined to create a highly efficient insulation system!

BIBS is installed by certified field technicians upholding strict and precise standards!