Innovative Structural Building Products


Innovative Structural Building Products, LLC (ISBC) is a NEW company that was incorporated in New Hampshire on October 4, 2013.

ISBC was formed to bring new products to market that will change the dynamics of constructing residential and light commercial buildings just as plywood, prefab trusses, particle board, oriented strand board and engineered wood joist and beams did when they were introduced.  These game changing ISBC products improve structural integrity, building stability and energy efficiency while reducing both construction time and final building costs.  

Interestingly, these products use plywood and/or OSB as their base raw materials.  This compliments, without disruption, the entire building products supply chain from the manufacture of wood panels to final building construction; and the products offer opportunities for adding value at each stage of the supply chain.

In fact, ISBC is seeking partners to be part of its manufacturing and distribution network for the new products.


A series of US Patents have just issued in 2013 that protect the products and the concepts and technology supporting them.  Additional patents are pending and are expected to issue in the near term.


ISBC is targeting 2014/2015 for the introduction of three of its new building products:

  1. VentBoard® for roof decking.
  2. DuctBoard® for air distribution systems. 
  3. Footless Forms® for foundations and basement walls.

Ventboard® is a roof decking panel that lowers roof and attic temperatures.  This extends roof life, lowers heating/cooling costs and prevents the formation of ice dams.  Unlike powered attic ventilation fans, VentBoard® accomplishes this without pulling heated or cooled air from living areas.  Because of its structural strength and rigidity it can span 48 inch centers as opposed to the common 16 inch centers used with conventional sheathing.  This significantly reduces material and installation costs. 

Ventboard® also fits perfectly with a white paper being circulated by the International Residential Code which will require enhanced roof ventilation in all applications.  Expected changes to the building code will significantly increase the demand for VentBoard®.

DuctBoard® is an air-distribution floor sheathing that reduces the need for metal duct work.  Like VentBoard®, it is structurally strong and rigid and can span greater distances than conventional floor sheathing, reducing both construction time and material and labor costs.

Footless Forms® is a revolutionary new system that allows concrete footings and foundations to be dug and poured in one step.  This results in improved building integrity while reducing construction time and costs.


James Walker PE, President: Jim has a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering from Clemson and a master’s degree in Architectural Engineering from Penn State, specializing in structural design with both degrees.  From school he joined Ellerbe Associates in Minneapolis and was the structural designer for a large number of projects that included civic centers, arenas, hotels, hospitals, high rise offices, bridges and large industrial factories.   In addition, Jim earned an MBA degree from the University of Saint Thomas and a certification in Real Estate Appraising.  Jim has used his extensive training and experience to design Innovative Structural Building Products’ new line of products.

Milan J. Turk, Associate:  Milan has a bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering and an MBA from Louisiana State University.  He spent his career in the corporate world working for Exxon, Stauffer Chemical Company and International Paper.  His experience includes process engineering, product development, finance, mergers and acquisitions and general management.  With Stauffer Chemical he ran the Europe Division which included East and West Europe, the Middle East and Africa.  He retired from International Paper as Executive Vice President, Specialty Products with responsibility for a broad range of businesses including chemicals, oil and gas exploration, non woven fabrics, printing supplies and building products such as masonite, MDF, particle board, OSB and high and low pressure laminates.


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