Salsbury Industries - Mailboxes.Com


Established in 1936, Salsbury Industries is the industry leader in manufacturing and distributing quality Mailboxes, Lockers, Storage Solutions and Signage.  Products include a full line of USPS approved Cluster Box Units (CBU's), 4C Horizontal Mailboxes (Standard & Custom), 4C Horizontal Mailbox Enclosures, 4B+ Standard & Custom Horizontal Mailboxes, Residential Mailboxes & Posts, Brass & Aluminum Mailboxes, Pedestal Boxes and Collection Boxes.

Lockers include Wood Lockers, Solid Oak Lockers, Metal Lockers, Vented Lockers, Plastic Lockers, Extra Wide Lockers and a full line of Storage Solutions.

Signage includes Signature Series Plaques, Large Commercial Signage, Custom Plaques, Directories and Numbers / Letters.