Green Edge Technologies


Edgehome is a home intelligence system developed by Green Edge Technologies, Inc. Headquartered in San Diego with veterans in the technology industry, we created a solution that unlocks the potential that technology offers to consumers in the home. With it's best in class user interface, it is approachable and intuitive for everyone. We enable remote control from anywhere in the world as many do, but our sensors provide eyes and ears to the system, and enable a much richer experience. Edgehome will not only make your life easier, but will help you save money on energy. Built with the future in mind, we designed a cost effective solution that provides a backbone which will scale for the future.

Our vision is to revolutionize and transform home control and automation into affordable, environmentally-responsible home intelligence that provides peace-of-mind, entertainment, connectivity, and comfort for everyone._x0003_

We improve the lives of everyday people by helping them save money and be environ- mentally responsible though innovative home intelligence that is affordable, responsive, and easy-to-use.