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Automated Trackers

About Automated Trackers, LLC

With over twenty years of home building experience, Danny LeBlanc of Automated Trackers has just one objective: to provide the premier automated system for homebuilders, allowing them to reach their goal of customer satisfaction by building quality homes on time, on budget and with attention to detail every step of the way. Combining the right mix of computer expertise with homebuilder experience and innovation, the Superintendent’s Automated Manager (SAM) is designed to address the needs, problems and demands of today’s homebuilders.

SAM was designed and refined over a ten and one half year period on Excel by Danny LeBlanc, the current owner and CEO of Automated Trackers, whose building history covers a wide range of experience including residential track and custom homes, condos/apartments, and commercial construction. SAM was developed because Danny LeBlanc wanted a true scheduling program that allowed him to build and manage the construction of projects the way builders build. Before SAM was released Danny was personally managing over forty projects at one time with the SAM prototype program.

Unlike other scheduling software available today, SAM was developed to completely automate the building process – creating schedules, releasing materials, scheduling subcontractors, and rescheduling due to delays.  SAM accomplishes all of these activities in a fraction of the time compared to handwritten scheduling techniques, and also provides management with real time status reporting on each house under construction.  SAM allows your superintendents to spend less time in the office and more time in their houses. It provides management with the capability of monitoring the status of each superintendent’s production activities.  We will increase the time the superintendent spends at the job site and in front of the customer and decrease the time they spend with tedious, repetitive tasks.

SAM helps to create and enforce standard processes for the construction of homes.  Not only is it able to assist in standard reports, it also will report to management the trends, usage, shortfalls and exceptional performance of subs.  Such reporting can reduce cost of construction by bringing homes in on time and on budget. 

Automated Trackers is dedicated to servicing the building community with a revolutionary software and service that enable builders to focus on quality control and customer satisfaction. We are dedicated to providing the customer service you deserve before, during and after the sale.  Our continuing loyalty to our customers, combined with SAM’s remarkable reputation, creates an unrivaled demand for SAM. 

No one can promise on time, on schedule with no excuses every time.  However, we are confident SAM will make a huge positive impact on homebuilder’s bottom line.